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Testimonial List

We have had the opportunity to work together on a variety of projects. Our experience has been overwhelmingly positive, and I attribute that to several reasons: commitment and hands-on leadership of ownership; corporate culture of collaboration and teamwork; creativity in approach and problem solving.

  • David P. Manfredi

I have worked with John Moriarty & Associates for over twelve years and completed twenty-four luxury high-rise condominium projects worth over $2 billion and over twenty-seven million square feet in size. JMA has always delivered our projects on schedule and within budget. Most of all, JMA is a Developer's contractor! JMA has fostered a loyalty amongst its subcontractors that is unprecedented and assures a cooperative and collaborative team approach in developing and closing out every project.

  • Tom Daly

I am convinced John Moriarty & Associates can deliver incredible value to the owner through all stages of the design and construction process. Few CM's (Construction Manager's) offer the depth of knowledge of their client's business. When you work with John Moriarty & Associates you feel like you have all the information you need to design smart. You have confidence that the team will meet all of the owner's goals.

  • Jose Suarez

I have always considered our business relationship with John Moriarty & Associates one of the most important assets of my firm. I would never consider entrusting any new development to a construction firm other than John Moriarty & Associates

  • Jorge Perez

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